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Indo Warehouse

Summer 2023


Indo - Sun 1.gif
Indo - Sun 3.gif

Waves of Intensity and Heat

Indo - Sun 2.gif
Indo - Firestorm Thin Pillars.gif
Indo - Firstorm Tilting Pillars.gif
Indo - Firestorm Fat Pillars.gif


Flowing Tapestries of Henna and Lotus Flowers

Indo - Henna 3.gif
Indo - Henna 1.gif
Indo - Henna 2.gif
Indo - Lotus.gif


Desert Visuals to reflect on the difficult journey through the terrains of India

Indo - Sandstorm Logo.gif
Indo - Sandstorm Noise 2.gif
Indo - Sandstorm Windmill.gif
Indo - Sandstorm Wave.gif
Indo - Sandstorm Noise.gif
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