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ME - Dahvid MH

Inquisitive into Interactive Media

House VJ @ Avant Gardner / Brooklyn Mirage: 2019 - Present

Working in the presence of tightly directed concerts/performances, my style for visual presentation is curated by my understanding of moods and energy.

Discovering the "generative/procedural" style of visual programming has entirely reworked my approach to VJing. Backed with years of art assistant experience and studying use of space, I feel very free exploring visual ideas.

For my own fun, creating Generative projects in TouchDesigner, Custom Textures in Resolume, and Procedural Geometry in Blender has created a very unique level of interactiveness I hope to bring to an open art space for people to play with.


Nora En Pure

Charlotte De Witte


DJ Diesel

Sonny Fodera


+Openers for 75+ Shows

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